Flea Killer

If you want a good flea killer, there are only two ways. You can buy over-the-counter solution to dog fleas. Or you can buy from garden and pet stores natural flea killer ingredients and rummage your cupboards to make your own homemade flea treatment.

Over-the-Counter Flea Treatment and Control

Many pet owners have tried each flea killer available in the market. A lot of them attested that the products were effective. Others complained and said they weren’t. So maybe now you want a single answer to your flea problem; unfortunately, there is none. A flea killer may work to some dogs and not to others. Whether the issue is the product itself or the method of applying the product to your dog, over-the-counter flea killer can treat and control dog fleas. As a pet owner who wants only the best for his pet, you can read comments and feedback so that you can decide which product will suit your pet’s need.

  • Advantage II is a popular Bayer product for dog fleas. It can kill fleas in 12 hours. It kills the adult fleas including larvae and eggs. It’s a once-a-month topical flea killer that is safe and easy to use.
  • Frontline is a brand name that many dog owners trust. It is safe and easy to use because it comes in small pipette for single application on the dog coat. In as short as 24 hours, the active ingredient in it spreads over the skin and can kill the fleas that come in contact with its hair and skin. The effect can last for two months and will not be washed off during bathing. A similar product is Vectra3D.
  • Program Flea Killer, Capstar, Comfortis and Sentinel are brands of flavor tablet that dogs can ingest. The pill is administered only once a month but the dosage will depend on the weight of your pet. It can prevent fleas from pestering your pet.

Natural Flea Killer

Your home is a rich source of natural flea killer. All you need is a little experimentation to find a flea killer in your cupboard. You can also use some products from the local pet and garden stores.

  • Diatomaceous earth comes from algae. They are tiny spikes that when attached to the flea’s body can dehydrate and kill the parasite. They can be used on beddings and carpet floors. Let it sit for at least 24 hours then clean the beddings or vacuum up the floors.
  • Soap and Water. Do you know that soap and water solution is a flea killer? Fleas can drown in water because they can’t swim and the ingredients in the soap suffocate them. Try placing a lamp on the floor level that will attract the fleas. Put a shallow bowl with water and soap under the lamp. The fleas will go to the light and cross the bowl of water and they will drown. When doing this, let your dog out of the room to prevent him from drinking the water.
  • Sodium Chloride or salt. Sprinkle a small amount of salt on places where fleas lay eggs. When adult fleas ingest salt, the flea will soften inside out. Even the larvae can easily be killed by salt. Then vacuum the entire area and dispose of the salt and dead fleas right away.
  • Nematodes and Lady Bugs. Pet and garden stores sell nematodes or worms that can eat the fleas in its larva stage by scattering them outside the house and keeping the fleas to get inside the house. Another natural flea killer that eats the adult fleas hiding in the grasses is a ladybug.
  • Aromatic Spray from oils of citronella, rosemary, wormwood and peppermint are natural flea killer herbs. They repel or kill fleas when combined together in a spray bottle and there’s no worry about harming your dog. Just don’t spray on the dog’s eyes and other delicate parts. Spray all over the dog’s coat, in the corners and under the furniture where flea eggs may be waiting to be hatched.

Using flea killer to get rid of fleas is not an instant solution to your dog’s flea problem. The suggested flea treatment can treat your dog fleas but fleas in the house may still lay eggs and re-infest your dog. A holistic flea treatment must be followed. It’s impossible to achieve a 100% flea-free surrounding but controlling it is feasible.

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