Flea Medicine for Dogs

Knowing and buying the right kind of flea medicine for dogs is just one of the best ways to rid your furry companion of those dangerous fleas. Apart from diseases, bacteria and viruses, fleas are also a sign that your dog and your home need greater care. As such, flea medicine for dogs is just the first step in ensuring a flea-free home.

There are a number of choices when selecting the best flea medicine for dogs or the best remedy for a flea infestation. These can be broken down into either natural remedies, commercially available products including procedures and products. The effectiveness of these products can vary depending on the level of infestation and how well you use these.

Natural Flea Medicines

To remove the fleas and keep them off your dog, you may try feeding your dog one clove of garlic daily. Notice how some people who eat a lot of garlic seem to radiate the smell? Well that is because garlic can easily be released through the pores which fleas (and most people) find repulsive.

The fleas feeding on your dog would hop off in quick order, meanwhile the constant garlic smell would also keep any prospective fleas away. Unfortunately, this would also most likely make your home and furniture smell garlicky.

Another natural scent that fleas and most other insects dislike is anything that is citrus. Cut up lemons and leave them in a large jar of boiling water overnight. This would allow the lemon to release its juices more effectively into the water and before opening the next day, be sure to shake it properly. Place the water in a bottle with a spritzer or sprayer and spray on the dogs body, paying special attention to the areas favored by fleas and other parasites such as in-between fingers and toes (or paws), the top of the head (be sure to not spray in the face), the belly and near the ears. The smell should keep most pests and insects away.

Commercially Available Flea Medicines

You can also opt to use some of the commercially available products to get rid of the fleas on your dogs. The first that I would recommend would be the Frontline and Advantage, two of the most effective topical oils for flea control. You simply have to buy the product from a veterinarian and place the drops at the back of the dog’s neck.

Do not give the dog a bath for a day or two to allow it to mix it with the oils the dog secretes, this will immediately begin to kill the parasites feeding on your dog’s blood, not just fleas but also ticks. These topical oils are the easiest to use and probably the most effective killing possibly up to 90% of all fleas. The effectiveness of the drops can last up to 6 months.

Some additional things you can do to remove the fleas include giving them regular baths, at least once a week, using mild commercial human shampoo or specialized flea removal formula shampoos or soaps. These should be lathered well into the coat to make sure it penetrates deep into the where the fleas are and allow it to stay for about five minutes before rinsing.

If regular baths seem difficult, another option is to use anti-flea combs which help to scrape of the fleas from the dog’s coat. Once you think you’ve scraped them all off and the fleas start falling out, gather them quickly and put them in soapy water to kill them. The method sounds easy enough but then you only really get to remove up to 50% of the fleas on your canine companion; as such you still need to give regular baths.

Remember that the flea medicine for dogs should always be used in conjunction with home and yard treatment to make sure that you don’t leave any survivors; these are more preventive rather than responsive actions which could save you the trouble of a bigger or recurring infestation. Getting rid of fleas doesn’t only secure you and your household, it also makes sure that your dog is at the best health always.

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